Only one undefeated record will remain 

(21-0) Thomas Almeida takes on (8-0) Cody “no love” Garbrandt, in a fight that will have major implications inside the UFC’s bantamweight division. Thomas Almeida currently sits at at number seven on the ladder, while Garbrandt still looks to crack the top 15.

This fight has all the makings for an instant classic. Both fighters are still on the cusp of taking that next step into super stardom. A decisive win for either guy, could thrust the winner into main stream acceptance.

Almeida comes from a long lineage of Shoot Box fighters, while Garbrandt has trained with someone of the very best at Team Alpha Male. This fight goes down Sunday May 29th in Las Vegas Nevada. Kobe’s Korner takes an in-depth look at individual skill sets, game plans and potential routes to victory:

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