In this edition of Kobe’s Korner, we take an in-depth look at the featured co-main event between Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar.  These two great heavyweights collide July 9th, as part of UFC 200.

Hunt comes in a world class striker with a wealth of experience in the fight game.  Lesnar a former NCAA State Champion, will look to put his wrestling skills to good use.  Can the pride of New Zealand stay upright during this fight? Or will the WWE superstar hit the early takedown? So many questions, such little time.

In part two we analyze critical spacing, keys to victory and a predictions. Lesnar’s BJJ coach recently went on record to state that he felt Brock could actually knock Mark Hunt out with strikes.  Sounds a little bit far fetched to me. However, in the sport of mixed martial arts absolutely anything can happen.  We also examine the very low probability of this scenario below:


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