What’s up… My name is LeRoiStephon and I’ll be giving you all the top plays in each price range for the DraftKings fantasy contests this weekend. Check out the video version of this article down below in the links section and check out my other podcasts too.. I’m @LeRoiStephonDFS on twitter….



Top Tier (9.2k-8.6k)

1. Chase Sherman($8,900)- Chase Sherman is the better athlete, the better striker and he’s currently training out of Jackson-WinkleJohns. Grabowski is a decent grappler and nothing else of note! I think Sherman should thrive in this matchup and finish within the distance without an issue!

  1. Shane Burgos($8,700)- Pepey is a kill or be killed fighter and Burgos doesn’t have any notable grappling deficiencies that I can think of for Pepey to exploit.. I’m listing Burgos as the number 2 play in the top tier, but maybe he should be number one.. He should roll here without a problem.
  2. Chris Wade($8,600)- Frankie Perez isn’t a bad fighter, but if he’s going to be beat, it’ll be with wrestling and Wade does that VERY WELL.. Wade has put a recent emphasis on passing the guard and that should lead to a boatload of DraftKings points…


Mid Tier(8.5k-7.8k)



  1. Gian Villante($8,100)- Gian Villante is going to finish, or he’s going to be finished. You absolutely cannot trust him in this spot, BUT, either him or his opponent will be on a winning lineup I guarantee it. This is arguably the juciest fight on the card and you should roster both sides of it.
  2. Jimmie Rivera($8,300)- Almeida is WAY too hurtable for my liking and Rivera has the power and the skill to exploit Almeida’s tendency to take boatloads of damage. Plus, I think Rivera is the better grappler…
  3. Chris Weidman($7,800)- Weidman is the better grappler and he has a super significant height and reach advantage here.. Don’t let the 3 fight losing streak fool you. Chris Weidman is the play here as Gastelum is WAY undersized for guys like Weidman and Rockhold and it should start to show here.. Gastelum is an undersized middleweight and he had trouble with a similar sized Neil Magny



Lower Tier(7.7-7k)


  1. Elizeu Zaleski Dos Santos($7,700)- Not my most confident play in this range, but I think he’s got the highest finishing upside… I like him a lot but can’t guarantee the win!!
    2. Kyle Bochniak($8,100)- Bochniak has excellent takedown defense and is the better striker. I like Bochniak a lot in this spot and even if he doesn’t win, because I don’t see the high takedown upside from Kennedy, I think he’s the better point per dollar play.
  2. Darren Elkins($7,500)- The damage baby. He’s so freaking tough and Dennis Bermudez gets hurt in EVERY fight!!



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