Black Market Picks UFC 214

What’s up… My name is LeRoiStephon and I’ll be giving you all the top plays in each price range for the DraftKings fantasy contests this weekend. Check out the video version of this article down below in the links section and check out my other podcasts too.. I’m @LeRoiStephonDFS on twitter….



Top Tier (9.6k-8.7k)


  1. Jon Jones($8,900)- Jon Jones’ massive reach advantage is more pronounced and significant than I originally believed before rewatching the fight! Jones uses his length much better than Gustaffsson did against Cormier and really was able to stifle any offense from Cormier and should be able to make even more improvements this time and possibly find the submission with his improved BJJ.. Jones is like my surest pick on the card
  2. Tyron Woodley($8,700)- Woodley should win in this one with ease. Maia is no pushover in any area, but Woodley’s power is absolutely massive and if Maia can’t get this to the ground, which he shouldn’t be able to, he’s going to be KO’ed… I’m just not sure on Woodley’s ceiling.. His floor is at last 30 points though..
  3. Jimi Manuwa($8,800)- Manuwa is a killer and he’s going up against a guy in Oezdemir who’s landed two massive upsets, but in questionable fashion. Manuwa has been knocking heads off and I don’t think Oezdemir is going to be able to survive in there against him!!


Mid Tier(8.6k-7.9k)


  1. Robbie Lawler($8,500)- Donald Cerrone is extremely hurtable and Lawler has the more pronounced power and better boxing by a good stretch… This is a Key matchup on the night and I really like Lawler in this spot
  2. Jason Knight($8,100)- Knight is an absolute beast and he’s got a game that’s hard to deal with unless you’re supremely well rounded and have elite striking and defensive capabilities to compliment it. Lamas is good, but I think Knight is going to be too much for him in this spot
  3. Jarred Brooks($8,6000-Brooks is a wrestling heavy fighter and if he wins, he’s going to score a massive amount of points. Make sure you have some Brooks this weekend..


Bottom Tier(7.8k-6.6k)


  1. Renan Barao($7,800)- Sterling needs his takedowns to be successful and Barao has NEVER been taken down in his UFC career and he’s faced the likes of Urijah Faber and T.J. Dillashaw in the past. Barao is the superior technical striker in this one by a good margin and although Aljo is the better athlete and will keep it close, don’t forget that Barao was at one time arguably the MOST dominant fighter on the planet and he hasn’t dropped off much
  2. Eric Shelton($7,600)- If Brooks can’t take Shelton down, I really don’t see how he’s going to win.. Shelton has faced waybetter grapplers in the past and done just fine if not won and I really am having a hard time deciding between Shelton and Barao as my bottom dollar guys
  3. Josh Burkman(7,200)- Dober should never be priced over $8,300.. He is, and his opponent is way too cheap in a fight he should be super motivated to win because it’s probably his last!!



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BlackMarket Picks UFC 214