Upon us already: Mayweather vs McGregor

Article by: Bullet Proof Cowboi

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The MMA landscape is being given a facelift for tha foreseeable future. I could be wrong. But I don’t remember hearing many say ” Let the money fights era begin! “back when The UFC sold for four billion in the summer of 2016. Here we are almost through 2017 & The WME-IMG, led UFC isn’t slowing down.


With the official announcement of GSP V Bisping, the picture is all but painted for us fans. This version of The UFC is extremely serious about getting our money. It’s actually dope for someone like me. It proves what I been telling people all along. These fights have to be more exciting in order to rake in huge PPV buys consistently. That’s a topic for another day though.


True fight fans don’t have to be hardcore fans. These are the people most alienated by the current climate of the premiere MMA organization. I’ve heard many of fan say things like ” I don’t give a shit about GSP! I want Bisping to fight Whittaker/Romero “. This has become a classic, ” How Connor McGregor just gonna tie up the whole lightweight division like this?!? “. It remains to be seen at least in the terms of fans gained, and fans lost, what damage has been done, if any at all. I think what Connor McGregor has done for himself with both his mouth, and his fists, is unprecedented. No man in history has accomplished more in such a short amount of time by just talking and fighting as he has. I’m happy for him as a true fan of fighters.


Would McGregor really be about to make history if the ” real ” MMA fans had it their way? I don’t know for sure but I know some very good things have come about because of it all. I’m sure many of you will disagree but it’s the truth. Michael Bisping deserves this fight under this version of the UFC. The man has been an exemplary employee for this company. The man never ducked anybody. He had his quality of life altered by a fighter who was cheating. Now that he has the strap he won by accepting another late replacement fight against a legitimate champion, he’s a coward for wanting to cash in? If you feel that Michael Bisping or GSP or Connor McGregor or Jon Jones or anybody else is wrong for trying to get in on the ” Money Fights “, I doubt your legitimacy as a ” real ” fan.


I want to wish McGregor luck against Mayweather as well. I got a bad feeling Mayweather is going to try and hurt McGregor and this could get ugly. I hope McGregor pulls it off though, I truly do.