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Reacting to Jon Jones CSAC hearing on Kobe’s Korner

Reacting to Jon Jones CSAC hearing on Kobe’s Korner 

Jon Jones received a 205k fine and has his license revoked after testifying in front of the California State Athletic Commission. The Coup de grâce yet to come from USADA. Inside the video below we break it all down:



Did Jon Jones lie to the world? VIDEO:


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Chase Sherman on Jon Jones “He swore on his mamma’s grave. He has never knowingly taken steroids”

Chase Sherman on Jon Jones “He swore on his mamma’s grave. He has never knowingly taken steroids”:

Chase Sherman spoke about his relationship with former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones. The “Vanilla Gorilla” chimed on whether or not he felt Jones had used PED’s.




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UFC 214: The Reason Why

UFC 214: The Reason Why

Author: Bullet Proof Cowboi

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Daniel Cormier is an American athletic hero, hes always been an honorable competitor & carried himself with dignity. Why is he being viewed as the villain in his upcoming title defense against arguably the best fighter to ever compete in MMA is what I want to examine here. I’ve heard a great many times as I’m sure you all have “ everybody loves a winner “. It can easily explain why this dynamic exists in this long awaited rematch but there are so many more layers to this cake. Daniel Cormier is a man who has faced some very tough personal adversity yet he for the most as has always been someone who handles himself publicly with grace.


Enter Jon Jones, a man who jus might come from the most dominant athletic family ever. He has 2 brothers who play pro football ( Arthur & Chandler ) & he himself is still the record holder for being the youngest ever UFC champion. The are a great many differences between these 2 men but when you take their public personas outside of the sport into consideration this is where things get weird. Jones has been responsible for not only having multiple main event fights canceled but he & his camp declined a last second replacement opponent that caused a whole card to be canceled in UFC 151. Jones threatened to kill a man while being recorded by a major sports network in what he believed to be a private moment between him & his opponent. Many men who have been vanquished by Jones gave him his due credit after losing.


A alarming number of these same men when asked how they feel about Jones as a person used the same word, “ fake “. I don’t need to elaborate on Jones’s arrest, probation violation, failed USADA test or the subsequent suspension that followed. I’m only curious how a man who didn’t grow up in the ghetto, had a father who was a pastor, a mother who was a nurse & is visually a devout Christian get into so much shit. I’m also curious how a man who lost a child & had his father murdered has never allowed himself to get sidetracked in his pursuit of accomplishment in all areas of his life. Id be lying if I told you I wasn’t cheering for Daniel Cormier come this weekend but that has nothing to do with me being his fan. Im cheering for DC because hes an Oklahoma State University Cowboy & we all stick together.


Even if Cormier had graduated from Oregon or LSU he would still be my pick this weekend simply because I like to cheer for the guy who seems the most genuine. Jon Jones has shown us all that his words never seem to match his actions outside of the cage when it counts the most. I have a very hard time believing that if this story had been written up for the big screen, that by time the big fight sequence happened at the end that hardly anybody in the theatre would be cheering for Jones’s chracter. Jones is loved by fans because he is an awesome fighter but for what reason come Saturday will we be hearing people boo Cormier more than Jones is the real question here. If you can tell me of any reason that actually makes sense, ill personally change my twitter icon to Jon Jones’s face. Do me a favor as well, don’t bring up the Anderson Silva fight, at least Cormier took the last second replacement opponent.


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UFC 214 Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier BREAKDOWN with 8-1 Devin Clarke

UFC 214 Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier BREAKDOWN with 8-1 Devin Clarke

UFC Light Heavyweight Devin Clarke joins me to breakdown Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier II, en route to UFC 214. “Brown Bear” was just in camp helping Jones Prepare for this much anticipated rematch:



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